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A killer leg / posterior chain workout ⏱ All you need is 20 minutes! Be sure to watch each clip all the way through for variations and modifications for each movement. Perform 8 rounds of each movement before moving onto the next one. Each round will consist of :20s of work with only :10s of rest (only rest 1 minute between moves, so get all of your weights / equipment setup before you begin). 💚 B-stance Deadlifts Set one foot shifted back where the heel of that front leg matches up with the toe of the back leg. If you want to turn your knee out a bit (which I have to do because of these long femurs) that’s cool too! Keep your shoulders blades pulled back, flat back and maintain a natural lower arch in that low spine – aka, don’t bend over so far that your back curves. I feel best when I lower the dumbbells just to mid shin. REST 1 MINUTE 💚 Pistol Squats Ahh the 1 legged squat.. you CAN do this as long as you have working knees. Just watch for variations like balancing by holding your leg and placing one foot behind your heel so that you can use strength from both legs but are still mainly targeting one leg. Just be sure to lean back, stay in that heel and if you feel any knee pain, please adjust. It helps to stretch the ankles before doing this workout REST 1 MINUTE 💚 Sumo Deadlifts Another great DL variation, especially if traditional DLs bother you in the lower back. You pick the weight here, make it heavy if possible but you should be able to get through the entire :20s without resting. REST 1 MINUTE 💚 Banded hip thrusts If you’d like to invest in some bands for workouts like this I suggest hitting up Amazon – some cute ones there and you can find them for cheap! Alsoooo squeeze for 1-2 seconds at the top to get the most out of this movement. Slow and controlled will get you further here. If you want to make this move harder, put your feet on an imbalanced surface. I used this PT stability ball because it’s all I had, but if you have other balls or especially a large stability ball that will really take things up a notch! #legday #legworkout #posteriorchain #leggains #deadlifts #deadliftvariations #crosstraining #weightliftingworkout

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