Just a heads up for everyone currently subscribed to my website’s blog…

Things are about to really change.

I have saved all of my health and fitness content here on this archives page

  • you’ll still be able to access the old blogs and resources, as well as
  • links to other disordered eating recovery and health resources which can still be found here

But I’m going to start using my website for what’s really been burning inside of me the past year. I am a believer, follower and lover of Jesus Christ. He’s radically transformed my life and heart as I’ve spent a considerable amount of time with Him in the “secret place” where we meet daily.

We are living in what many would call the “last days” and the world around us feels chaotic. But God’s promise for His people is unfolding and His goodness and faithfulness is present all around us. I will be sharing what I have learned and will continue to learn from Him, about Him, and about the world and times we are currently living in.

If you want to know about the joy and peace that comes with knowing God, or you are ready to dive deeper into His promises for His people and our world, I hope you’ll continue to follow along. I am not claiming to be anything but a 30 year old girl (sorry, “lady” and “woman” sound weird for me to say) who loves Jesus and is pursuing Him with my whole heart. He’s been faithful to reveal Himself to me as I continue to pursue intimacy with Him first, and above all else.


My new e-book: "Breaking Free: How I Broke Free From Eating Disorders and Found My Joy Again"