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H ello. My name is Kaitlyn Raeann Chow. I'm here for two reasons...

1. To teach you how to stop dieting and start living, and

2. To remind you how fun it can be to move (and sometimes sweat!)

Food plays an integral role in our lives… we can’t just stop eating because we’re overwhelmed with food information or feeling guilty about our choices. Eating is about so much more than just what’s on your plate… so I’m here to help you transform what’s in your mind as well as what’s for dinner so that food no longer controls you or stresses you out.

First example

M y story is a familiar one... I grew up seeing skinny girls on magazine covers and I thought that's what I needed to look like. I was always told I was beautiful by friends and family, but that wasn't enough to overpower all of the other voices and messages coming at me from the TV, magazine stands, and internet (I didn't have social media growing up, but can you even imagine how much worse that would have made things?!).

I was in a pretty bad relationship at the end of HS and in my first year of college, and I was hardly able to stomach any food. So of course, I lost a ton of weight and found myself the skinniest I’d ever been. Then when I studied abroad in my second year of college, and was free from the emotional turmoil and stress of the previous couple of years, I gained back all that weight plus much more. I was the heaviest that I’d ever been, then.

I felt completely out of control. I literally couldn’t stop eating. The emotions that overcome me, before/during/after eating were so strong that I didn’t think I would ever be able to eat in a balanced way again. I didn’t think I had it in me. So I only had one other solution in my mind… I’d have to throw it up if I couldn’t stop from eating it. So that’s what I did, and I pinged from Anorexia to Bulimia continually for several years.

Through my heartache and struggling – and much more prayer and crying out to Jesus for help – I found myself years later walking again in healing and a “more” balanced lifestyle. It took years after that to truly heal deeply and begin to renew my relationship with food. I had to stop seeing food as a moral decision, and learn to eat again with a healed mind.

Through the sport of CrossFit, years of education and seeking certifications, I have learned to demoralize food and eat to live… I have stopped dieting and started finally living.

Now when I eat, I can still make choices based on feelings, but my meals are not emotionally charged, and I am able to say “nah” the any triggers that make me feel out of control.

This is my passion, and why I’ve left the creative design industry to pursue a full time career in health and fitness. There are so many voices guiding you to believe certain things about yourself and food and how the food you eat identifies you as a person… but I want to cut through all the noise and get back to the simple, healthy and true way of eating that doesn’t include short-term fixes but does include educating you and walking through life with you to find out how to live again, without the weight of self-hate, body confusion and food stress.

Podcasts I’ve spoken on…

I share my story + talk about the steps you need to take to get freedom in your fitness and health journey. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things you feel like you need to do to “get it right,” but there’s a better way to enjoy your life and be healthier than ever!

Jacob and I identify the difference between training and exercise, how to identify your goals + the season you’re in and how to honor those and structure your life to get the best results!

My new e-book: "Breaking Free: How I Broke Free From Eating Disorders and Found My Joy Again"