Season 3

coming August 2020

steps to get healthy

These essential steps have helped myself and many other women find freedom and joy in the way we approach our bodies, food and fitness.

It’s true, I love working out

And eating well –  as long as eating well includes semi-frequent donuts and pizza. But it wasn’t always like this – I used to use food and exercise to punish myself. My passion is now sharing my story and all that I’ve learned since then about how to live a life full of joy & how to train + eat because you love yourself instead of dieting + exercising out of shame.

If you’re on this journey too, trying to love yourself into a healthier life and learn more about movement, food and your body, follow along as I share all that I’ve learned. You can tune into YouTube for deep discussions and the science behind training often, fueling well and the mindset that supports both. You can save workouts and get encouraged to move by visiting me over on Insta.

My new e-book: "Breaking Free: How I Broke Free From Eating Disorders and Found My Joy Again"