I was tempted to title this blog “bathing suits for real bodies,” but that’s a wrong mindset. All bodies are real bodies!

I have spent years searching high and low for my confidence (I kid, but I’m also serious) and for clothes that fit my changing body. When I struggled through eating disorders and was at my all-time lowest weight I loved how clothes fit on me. I could wear anything and it just hung on me – that had been my dream. To be fair… I still hated my body more then than ever. But I digress…

I’ve been overweight. And everywhere in between. Over the past 5 years I’ve been a local CrossFit enthusiast and competitor so my body has changed yet again. It has tons of muscle. And because I love pizza, I still have a relatively high, but healthy amount of body fat. So I find it really hard to find clothes that fit my abnormal body proportions – especially these huge quads y’all.

It’s easy to put on a suit that makes you feel horrible. But I will no longer find myself on vacation and feeling self conscious about my suit and what’s underneath – or falling out of- it.

It’s been my goal to find a couple of suits that make me feel really good. They cover a bit more than I used to go for, but it’s what makes me feel good and want to get out there in the water and moving around without having a second thought. Let’s get our confidence back gals, our bodies rock!

I don’t have to tell any of you… Target obvi has a million swim suits. So there’s that.

I recently bought this striped suit from for $25 and everyone who sees it gives me so many compliments. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because it actually looks good on me or it’s just different so people take notice, but who cares! I feel good in it and it’s fun.

Have you ever heard of Kortni Jeane mix-n-match suits? Girl… go check them out. I’ve never bought one (yet), but they are super cute and look flattering on all body types!

And of course, Aerie always slays at designing clothes that work great for all body types. I’ve got my eyes on this dreamy one-piece wrap suit.


If you want to bare it all, dive into Savage Swim wear. I wouldn’t wear these suits at the local neighborhood pool, but maybe on a romantic island vaca. I bought one of their suits for my honeymoon and absolutely loved it. It was double sided so I wore it for quite a while before getting tired of it. I bought the bottoms with an extra inch of material and they were still pretty cheeky.

If you have a body and you put on a bikini… you’ve got a bikini body. Who is going to rock theirs this summer?


Featured blog photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash

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