Hello new friend! Getting started or reigniting your health and fitness journey is one of the hardest and yet most important things you can do for yourself!

Here’s some different ways I’d love to get connected with you and help you in your journey.

I myself am a “January 1 resolutioner” and I’m honestly proud of that because I was at the end of my rope when it came to exercise, and it took finding something unique (CrossFit) that included other people and focused on strength over physique to keep me engaged. There’s no shame ever here! I just want you to feel your best and be empowered to take that next step!

I want to share my own story with you because it’s important that you know you’re not alone in your struggles and we can do this together!

Watch/listen to my story then keep scrolling down for more resources that’ll help get you motivated and teach you how to form new healthy habits.

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