What I’m chatting about today:

  • Bloating
  • Guilt over eating too much or too little each day/effecting tomorrows eating or training
  • Weight fluctuations are normal – I’m already so over the COVID “19” joke…and why overeating really makes us feel uncomfortable and out of control
  • Healthy habits to practice over the summer


    • Start food journaling
    • Find other bodies like yours online
    • Balance of training and eating
    • Get specific about your goals and needs for summer 2020 – lose weight? Stop counting? Get help? Practice simple habits? Train harder? Explore food and fitness as an adventure?


“What should I eat?” Graphic:

Food journals:

My 2 fav websites for recipes:

My new e-book: "Breaking Free: How I Broke Free From Eating Disorders and Found My Joy Again"